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Automatic, non-invasive, fast and affordable Covid-19 detection

Based on the proven  disease detection work carried out since 2012, Roboscientific is finalising its Covid-19 Room Monitor.  This affordable unit can be installed into indoor environments where it will 'sniff' the air looking for the Volatile Organic Compound Digital Fingerprint associated with the disease.  The Fingerprint is created by the odours given off by Covid-19 positive people. 

Like a dogs nose, the Roboscientific Monitor is highly sensitive and will recognise the presence of the Fingerprint in tiny proportions - its proprietary sensors are a new generation of VOC sensing technology and a marriage between electronic stimulation and the sensor materials used - all of which have been developed by Roboscientific.  In Chicken disease trials, the sensors achieved sensitivity in samples less than 10 parts per billion - and it is expected that the Covid-19 trial results will be similarly impressive.

The Covid-19 Monitor will be installed into a room and take air samples at regular intervals which it will automatically pass over the sensors and analyse the results to see if there is any Covid-19 Digital Fingerprint in the room.  If the Fingerprint is found, the Monitor will automatically alert the designated person via Bluetooth, SMS, Email or other media; who can then isolate the inhabitants of that room and arrange for individual tests to be given to identify who in that space has the infection.

This will all be done automatically without any disruption to the inhabitants or anyone having to act as tester.  There is no individual cost associated with this test as it happens automatically within the machine, which is programmed to recallibrate itself at the end of each monitoring cycle ready for the next test. 

Each unit is expected to provide free testing after the first 1,000 people have been monitored, basd on the current costs of £3-£5 per test for PCR or LAMP tests.  The risk of false negative or positive tests is expected to be minimised as the VOC Digital Fingerprint has been found in asymptomatic farm animals and unlike DNA/RNA tests, unless the virus is live in the host, no symptoms will be active to deliver the Digital Fingerprint.