Floowing the Management Buyout in July 2015 NetScientific plc has remained as a minority shareholder of RoboScientific Limited and having previously invested in the innovative technology

NetScientific identifies, develops and commercializes transformative biomedical and healthcare technologies originating from leading universities, teaching hospitals and research institutes, with a focus on United Kingdom and United States. More information about NetScientific's purpose, core strategy and investment model are available on






Recent Projects



  • Process, Packaging and Food Waste Reduction using Volatile Biomarker Monitoring -- Project Partner
  • The Rapid Measurement of Volatile Chemicals as a Quality Parameter in Mushroom Composting -- Project Partner
  • Can Volatile Organic Compounds be used to detect Campylobacter infection in Poultry Houses? -- Project Partner
  • Introduction of Selectivity in Gas Sensors using Nanostructure Selection -- Lead Partner
  • Feasibility of Plastic Electronic Sensors for Volatile Organic Compound Detection -- Lead Partner
  • Early detection and biocontrol of prevalent diseases of mushrooms and potatoes -- Project Partner
  • Early Disease Detection and Monitoring in Farm and Field -- Lead Partner