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ADVANCE INFORMATION: Covid-19 room monitor

Non-invasive automatic screening when the Covid-19 virus is being transmitted

The Covid-19 Air Monitor will tell you if someone in the room is transmitting the Covid-19 virus.  It is a device which can be installed on the wall, ceiling or a shelf and is powered using normal electrical supply via a 13 amp plug.

It operates by sucking the air through the device to collect Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are present in the room.  VOCs are the chemicals contained within every living organism that are responsible for creating the odours that we give out. The air sampling time will depend on the size of the room - but is expected to be typically 15-30 minutes.  Once this has been completed, the VOCs are desorbed and passed over the sensors and the sensor responses analysed to check for the presence of the Covid-19 digital fingerprint.  Analysis takes only minutes, after which positive results are automatically sent to the designated person via SMS or email.

The device is programmable to define how often and when the air sampling takes place and to nominate how and where the results will be sent.  

Once the process is completed, the data is stored and the monitor refreshed ready to repeat the exercise at the next designated sampling period.

Dimensions approx: 20cm x 20 cm x 12cm