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Roboscientific Technology is a platform which uses unique technology to detect the presence of disease in all kinds of living creatures and organisms.

Read more here about the studies and work we are undertaking to develop nd improve our proprietary technology.

Nature Science Reports publishes paper describing Challenge Trial proving Roboscientific Technology

Posted: 14 July 2022
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Nature Science Reports has published a paper describing the Challenge Trial undertaken in 2019 to establish if the Roboscientific Early Disease Detect... Continue reading ⟶

Sensors shown to accurately detect odour ‘fingerprint’ of COVID-19 infections with up to 100% accuracy

Posted: 13 June 2022
Posted in: News

Technology developed for COVID-19 detection and monitoring can distinguish between individuals infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and uninfected indiv... Continue reading ⟶

PCR tests could result in false positive results for up to 90 days

Posted: 9 July 2021
Posted in: News | Our Tech

  Fascinating interview last night on Phil Williams Show on Times Radio with Dr Bharat Pankhania, Head of Public Health Teaching at Exeter Medical S... Continue reading ⟶

Reliable Daily Testing for Covid-19 will keep schools safe without the need for intrusive daily personal testing

Posted: 30 June 2021
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  As the new variants are indicating the need for daily testing in environments such as schools and care homes indefinitely, the good news is that t... Continue reading ⟶

Non-Invasive Automatic Disease Monitoring In Care Home Bedrooms

Posted: 16 June 2021
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Monitoring diseases in a Care Home setting , as this pandemic has taught us is essential for keeping some of our most vulnerable citizens safe.   T... Continue reading ⟶

Dr. Hillary Jones and Lorraine Kelly discuss the potential for our Covid Air Monitor on ITV

Posted: 14 June 2021
Posted in: News

Great discussion on Lorraine Kelly’s show this morning with Dr. Hilary Jones exploring how our Covid Air Monitor can help bring the world back to no... Continue reading ⟶

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