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720 Handheld VOC Analyser

Fast accurate analysis - sampling at 10ppbV

The Roboscientific 720 VOC Analyser is handheld and battery powered, suitable for use in laboratory and remote locations.

It is a flexible analyser which can be used for applications ranging from early detection of disease in humans & animals to quality control of food and drink. It features Roboscientific’s proprietary sensing technology and a 24 sensor array which can be used to deliver data and digital fingerprints in text file formats, compatible with many different processing packages. Principal Component Analysis and Discriminant Analysis have both been used routinely to analyse the data produced.

Roboscientific’s VOC sensors provide leading edge technology to deliver exceptionally high levels of sensitivity and tuned specificity – sampling typically at <10ppb from robust and stable sensors which provide consistent and long-lasting performance.

The 720 is fitted with a broad specificity standard VOC array for “General Purpose” applications to allow multiple sample types to be analysed. If a particular application area is being targeted and the VOCs of interest are known, then tuned bespoke arrays can be created for that particular application.