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Fruit & Vegetables

RoboScientific has worked extensively with industry partners & researchers to give early detection of diseases in plants; to improve yield and to monitor for decay or disease in storage. The crops worked on include Mushrooms; Onions; Beetroot; Swedes; Potatoes; Brocolli; Tomatoes and some Citrus Fruits. This work has also led to investigations of the factors influencing production yield including environmental issues and the quality of the compost or soil. A example of disease detection in swedes can be seen HERE

It is possible for us to monitor vegetables through growing, harvesting to its eventual decay, by automatically taking sample measurements at regular intervals.  In addition to improving yields and minimising losses through disease, this has the potential to build a picture of the crop's post harvest life-cycle.  This could lead to dynamic "Best Before" dating, delivering significant reductions in the amount of food wasted. It also means that crops can be monitored in storage to check for premature deterioration such as rotting caused by disease or the wrong environment