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Tesco Chooses Roboscientific

Posted: 7 January 2020

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Roboscientific won the prestigious TJam award for innovation, which is awarded annually every October.  Against stiff competition - over 100 companies entered -  the Tesco judging panel of industry experts identified Roboscientific's technology for detecting disease in real time in stored vegetables and live chickens to achieve significants in improving supply chain efficiency and sustainability. 

Tesco is committed to imprpoving the sustainability of its supply chain and improving the quality and welfare of the food crops it brings to market.  Working with its suppliers, it runs a competition each year to identify those technologies which are most likely to help deliver these objectives.

Roboscientific's techology for early disease detection in livestock and stored crops was last October's winner, providing Tesco's farmers with the opportunity to improve the health and welfare of their chicken flocks and reducing the losses, due to deterioration caused by disease, in their stored potatoes and onions.