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Winners of Tesco TJam Innovation Award for Agriculture 2019

Roboscientific proves its technology to the best

Posted: 10 November 2019

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Summer 2019 and we were invited to submit our technology and product vision to Tesco's Judging panel for its prestigious TJam Innovation Award for Agriculture. 

First, a written submission describing what we do, how it works, why farmers need it - done.  Then a wait - until an email - we're through to the next round - phew.

A video - demonstrating what we do, what products are affected - and what  difference can we make to the food supply chain.  - done - We're in the final!

First over 100 entrants, then 30, now we're down to the final 10 - No Pressure.

Time for Project Manager, Ben Curtis to step up to the plate and volunteer.  

He has to make a presentation to 100 of Tesco's top managers and key suppliers extolling the virtues of our technology and why t will be good frthe Tesco food chain.  So, off to Welwyn Garden City and the impressive campus that is Tesco's Headquarters where he joined the other nine entrants with our bid to become Tesco's choice of technology that will make a difference.

Ben's presentation took the judges through our technology, how it works, where it can be applied, how it will make a difference - improving quality, food safety and animal welfare as well as reducing waste and increasng yields - in chicken flocks, dairy and pig herds, barns of stored onions and potatoes - and that's just the beginning.  

Tesco loved the fact that we're non-invasive, work in real-time, automatically so that we monitor consistently and the farmer can forget about us until we find a problem - then he knows as soon as it occurs.  They also felt that being able to apply this technology across most farming sectors, with the otential to rovide the ame level of monitoring further down the fod chain - even in-store eventually gave our technology the edge.

WE WON - and our journey with Tesco - working with their supply chain with some of the best farmers to optimise the design and performance of our Early Disease Detection Systems - is just beginning.  

Since October, courtesy of Tesco, we have attended the World AgriTech summit in London, looking at the latest trends and issues affecting agriculture, held site visits on farms and met with key suppliers to plan how we are going to work together.

Now it's February and we are starting to put the projects together,  and build our collaboration with Tesco and its suppliers into our product development plan.  

Ben is certainly in for a vey busy year.....