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Nature Scientific Reports has published new paper describing our EarlyDdisease Detection technology

Read the paper just published in Nature Scientific Reports which proves the efficacy of our technology for Early Detection of disease in Chicken Flocks


Product Applications


Automatic, non-invasive, fast and affordable Covid-19 detection



Technology developed for COVID-19 detection and monitoring can distinguish between individuals infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and uninfected individuals from body odour samples with up to 100% accuracy, according to new research.



Real time monitoring for disease in chicken houses


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Nature Science Reports publishes paper describing Challenge Trial proving Roboscientific Technology

Posted: 14 July 2022

Nature Science Reports has published a paper describing the Challenge Trial undertaken in 2019 to establish if the Roboscientific Early Disease Detection Technology is effective spotting the disease, Campyobacter jejeune, as it occurs in a chicken fl...

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