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Meet The Team

The RoboScientific Team

The RoboScientific team is made up of dedicated professionals with a passion for delivering unique solutions.

Photo of Stan Curtis

Stan Curtis

Chief Executive Stan Curtis graduated in Electrical Engineering and has spent over 40 years in the electronics industry both as a designer; designing over 450 commercially manufactured products, and as a director of many businesses. He has led many start-ups as well as mergers, acquisitions and exits.

His career has mainly been spent in the consumer electronics and instrumentation industries where he has led a number of start-up companies as well as managing companies having turnovers of hundreds of millions of pounds. He has been responsible for a number of innovations and has good relationships with university research teams and manufacturing companies in Europe, the USA and China. Prior to RoboScientific he was Technical Director of Trolex Limited; a leading UK manufacturer of instrumentation for hazardous environments.

Photo of Tim Gibson

Tim Gibson

Chief Scientific Officer Dr Tim Gibson gained a Bsc in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Birmingham in 1975. He then moved to the University of Leeds where he completed a PhD entitled "Stabilised, Enzyme Based Diagnostic Systems" in 1991 before becoming head of Leed's Enzyme Biotechnology Group. He created his first spin-out companies in 1994 and 1995 and in 2000 founded a business providing consultancy and technology transfer services in biotechnology, biosensors and chemical sensors.

He was involved in establishing and managing new companies in these fields and also designed and became project manager of a nanotechnology antibody biosensor project funded by the European Union. Tim joined the NetScientific Group in 2011 as chief scientist of RoboScientific.

Photo of Ben Curtis

Ben Curtis

Project Manager Ben Curtis has been running the projects and liaising with our trial partners and collaborators since 2015.  Before this he was a journalist and then PR in the consumer electronics industry.  Ben is used to working with others to achieve difficult goals on tight deadlines.  His grasp of the technology and its potential takes us into uncharted waters where we are beginning to enjoy some success.

Photo of Angela Curtis

Angela Curtis

Angela Curtis has spent her career building brands and opening markets.  A serial entrepreneur,  Angie has established global distribution for a consumer electronics brand, built a trade publishing house and run her own PR and marketing consultancy.

Angie brings a fresh perspective to the Agri-Tech space which is all about identifying customer needs and delivering the solutions that will meet them.  A compulsive networker, Angie is enthusiastic about working with the key influencers in this dynamic sector to create opportunities for farmers to reduce waste, increase yields and improve the quality of the food they produce.