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RoboScientific – leading the field for Early Disease Detection


Roboscientific is applying the science of analysing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to detect a variety of diseases and conditions in poultry, livestock, crops and grain.

Volatile Organic Compounds are the odours given off by all living organisms.  As the condition of the organism changes, so do the VOCs given off.  By monitoring these ‘smells’  from crops and livestock, Roboscientific can provide non-invasive testing in real time.

Roboscientific is leading the field in delivering fast, accurate and reliable results when a crop, chicken or cow is infected by disease.

RoboScientific is one of the world's foremost manufacturers of Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) sensors and analysers.

Its R&D using VOC sensing to provide reliable and fast results from a wide range of samples to give farmers information about the status and health of livestock, crops and stored vegetables and cereals.

We are developing a range of detection devices from handheld monitors to room/barn monitors to regularly check the status of a wide range of agricultural products.

RoboScientific has developed a fast, efficient method of targeting suitable organic semiconductor candidates which respond to specific VOCs. Working with some of the leading researchers from our scientific base at Leeds University, and with leading agricultural companies, we have a programme of research projects that continue to stretch the envelope of knowledge and increase the effectiveness of the monitoring systems we are developing.

The Roboscientific Sensor Arrays are specific for each application and can be changed as a module within the unit should the application need change.