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Our technology monitors the air in broiler chicken houses to detect disease as it occurs.

Broiler chickens can be affected by a variety of diseases, which can be treated with appropriate supplements or antibiotics to improve yields and quality, reduce waste and maintain the health and well being of the birds. 

Roboscientific's technology can detect a range of diseases including Campylobacter, Clostrideum perfringens, E-coli, Salmonella and Coccidiosis as soon as it starts to occur in the flock, enabling the farmer to provide the appropriate intervention in time to stop any deterioration in the condition of the flock.  


See our technology in action: Greg Wallace vists a poultry farm for BBC's Supermarket Secrets:

Nature Science Reports publishes paper describing the efficacy of Roboscientific VOC Early disease Detection

Nature Scientific Reports this week published a paper describing the Challenge Trial completed at Hanover University to see how well the Roboscientific monitoring system is detection disease as it occurs in the air surrounding chicken flocks.  

Already proven in real-world chicken flocks on farms, the paper introduced Campylobacter jejeune and it was detected accurately and early in its gestation.

Read the paper:

Real Time Automatic Monitoring for Disease in Chicken Houses

About to be launched, the Chicken Barn Monitor is an installed device which automatically samples the air in a chicken house at regular intervals and then automatically analyses it to test for the presence of  the designated diseases.  Currently, Roboscientific's Sensor arrays have been developed to detect the presence of any or all of five diseases: Campylobacter, Coccidiosis, Clostrideum perfringens, Ecoli and Salmonella.

If no disease is present, the monitor will continue to check so that if a disease should occur, it can immediately notify the farmer, or his designated representatives via his preferred format - typically, email or text.