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Roboscientific – Automatic Non-invasive Real-Time Monitoring for Disease

Working to manage Covid-19 with sustainable testing

Roboscientific is developing its VOC Monitoring Systems to provide a reliable, consistent, fast, affordable, non-invasive method of monitoring indoor environments  to alert when a Covid-19 infected person is in the space.

The Roboscientific Air Monitoring System samples the air at regular intervals checking for the presence of the VOC Digital Fingeprint of Covid-19.  When the symptoms of the virus are present, they deliver a smell which is created by Volatile Organic Compounds in a specific Digital Fingerprint.  The symptoms are only present when a living body is carrying them.  The alert is delivered automatically to a designated person - such as the pilot of a 'plane, or the Secretary or Headteacher in a school - via SMS, or WiFi.  They can respond by isolating the people in that space and arranging for individual tests to be taken.

Automated room testing reduces the needs for individual tests and helps to ensure that infected people are tested as soon as they are detected.

Helping to feed the world

The 2019 Tesco Agri-Tech Innovation TJam winner, Roboscientific, is based outside Cambridge.  We have been developing our expertise in VOC analysis, working with leading agricultural experts to provide reliable and fast results detecting disease and infestation in livestock and crops. 

We are leading the field developing the next generation of sensors for applications that use Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to detect and identify diseases in livestock and crops as soon as they start to appear.

Our aim is to provide agriculture with the tools to improve the health and quality of livestock as well as reducing losses caused by deterioration of stored crops such as potatoes and onions.

By helping farmers reduce waste and improve quality, we can be part of the solution helping to feed the peoples of the world as supplies become ever harder to sustain.

Based on research using our benchtop 307B VOC Analyser, we are developing a range of diagnostic tools from handheld monitors to room/barn monitors that will provide farmers with a low-cost method of monitoring the status of their produce.

RoboScientific has already developed a fast, efficient method of identifying significant changes in the health of chickens which indicate the onset of diseases including Clostrideum perfringens, Campylobacter, Coccidiosis, Ecoli and Salmonella and detect the onset of the deterioration of stored crops such as potatoes and onions.

Work is underway to provide similar solutions in other livestock including cattle and pigs, stored grain such as wheat and salad crops which are growing under cover.

The Roboscientific 307B provides fast and accurate analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds to identify targetted digital fingerprints of a variety of conditions and diseases using bespoke sensor arrays. 

Barn Monitoring

The Roboscientific Barn Monitor automatically senses the air in chicken houses to provide fast reliable detection of the onset of diseases in chickens including:

  • Clostrideum perfringens
  • Campylobacter
  • Coccidiosis
  • Ecoli
  • Salmonella