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Roboscientific was Tesco Agri-Tech Innovation TJam winner in 2019 and continues to work with the supermarket giant and its supply chain developing its early disease detection technology to help reduce waste, improve quaity and and monitor the health of livestock.

Entrepreneur and Electronics Designer, Stan Curtis and VOC specialist, Dr. Tim Gibson completed a Management Buy-Out of RoboScientific Limited in 2015. Since then, research has continued apace, reflecting the owners' backgrounds in scientific research and leading edge product development and production.

Based on the work they have completed using the Roboscientific 307B VOC analyser; the goal has been to produce a non-invasive real-time early disease detection system which can be applied to farm environments.

Our Technology

RoboScientific has received significant grant funding from Innovate UK, and is now at the point of commercialisation with a range of products designed to provide early alerts to farmers of disease in their stored and growing crops, as well as living livestock to :

  • Reduce Waste
  • Improve Quality 
  • Protect Yields 
  • Increase food safety
  • Improve health and well-being

This system is now in the final stages of development and about to undergo final stage trials before the first products are launched commercially in the second half of 2020. 

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Current and Recent Projects

  • Process, Packaging and Food Waste Reduction using Volatile Biomarker Monitoring -- Project Partner
  • The Rapid Measurement of Volatile Chemicals as a Quality Parameter in Mushroom Composting -- Project Partner
  • Can Volatile Organic Compounds be used to detect Campylobacter infection in Poultry Houses? -- Project Partner
  • Introduction of Selectivity in Gas Sensors using Nanostructure Selection -- Lead Partner
  • Feasibility of Plastic Electronic Sensors for Volatile Organic Compound Detection -- Lead Partner
  • Early detection and biocontrol of prevalent diseases of mushrooms and potatoes -- Project Partner
  • Early Disease Detection and Monitoring in Farm and Field -- Lead Partner