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Helping to improve quality and reduce waste of vegetables in store

Root vegetables are lifted and stored until needed. The conditions in the storage barn are carefully controlled to ensure a dry, cool well ventilated environment.

But, if disease was present at the time of storage, or rot develops during storage, the disease will spread and the entire crop could be contaminated.  Every year, whole barns full of vegetables are lost when disease isn't spotted in time.


100% Accuracy - reducing waste and improving quality across the food chain

In this example of an early trial, the test was to detect rot in swedes.  By 'sniffing' the air surrounding the swede, we were able to identify 100% of the spoiled vegetables and confirm the perfect condition of all swedes that were not affected - without damaging the vegetables. 

Our early disease detection system is non-invasive, easy to use and delivers accurate results quickly and cheaply.


Currently in development, the Roboscientific Barn Monitor automatically 'sniffs' the air in the barn for the presence of the digital fingerprint (made up from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)) associated with a specific disease or rot.  It does this by looking for changes to the air in the barn and comparing it with a portfolio of disease digital fingerprints contained within the Roboscientific proprietary sensor array.  As soon as a match is found and disease or rot is detected, it double checks its results.  If confirmed,the Roboscientific Barn Monitor automatically notifies the farmer, or his nominee via WiFi, or SMS.

The farmer is then able to identify the deterioration and make the necessary intervention before it has caused him to lose the whole crop.