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Dr. Hillary Jones and Lorraine Kelly discuss the potential for our Covid Air Monitor on ITV

Ventilation query from Dr. Hilary Jones

Posted: 14 June 2021

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Great discussion on Lorraine Kelly’s show this morning with Dr. Hilary Jones exploring how our Covid Air Monitor can help bring the world back to normal.

Our Covid Air Monitor works by sampling the air in a room, typically for 15 minutes before sensing  to see if the Digital Fingerprint of Covid-19 is present.  This is created by the metabolic changes that the disease causes in the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that we all emit in our breath and from our pores.  If the Digital fingerprint is foud, then it indicates that there is a person in the room currently infected with the Coronavirus.  Individual testing can then take place to identify who is infected with the disease.

Dr. Hilary was wondering  if the Monitor  would work with windows open. 

We believe so – need final real world tests to prove this.  The technology was developed to detect disease in highly ventilated chicken sheds, where it achieves similar results to those achieved with Covid.  Siting the monitor away from the windows would increase its efficiency.  It may require a longer air sampling time in some cases, but we do not believe it will impede its performance significantly.  As it will also detect anyone who is asymptomatic, we are hoping it will help reduce inadvertent transmission from this group.