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Roboscientific Technology is a platform which uses unique technology to detect the presence of disease in all kinds of living creatures and organisms.

Read more here about the studies and work we are undertaking to develop nd improve our proprietary technology.

Supermarket Secrets, The Chicken Sniffer - BBC One

Posted: 20 January 2020
Posted in: Products

COMING SOON : Roboscientific's automated monitoring system to detect diseases in chickens in real-time - as featured on BBC's Supermarket Secrets prog... Continue reading ⟶

Tesco Chooses Roboscientific

Posted: 7 January 2020
Posted in: News

Roboscientific won the prestigious TJam award for innovation, which is awarded annually every October.  Against stiff competition - over 100 companie... Continue reading ⟶

Winners of Tesco TJam Innovation Award for Agriculture 2019

Posted: 10 November 2019
Posted in: Tesco TJam - a year to remember

Summer 2019 and we were invited to submit our technology and product vision to Tesco's Judging panel for its prestigious TJam Innovation Award for Agr... Continue reading ⟶

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