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Roboscientific Technology is a platform which uses unique technology to detect the presence of disease in all kinds of living creatures and organisms.

Read more here about the studies and work we are undertaking to develop nd improve our proprietary technology.

Asymptomatic Carriers Can Be Detected

Posted: 14 June 2021
Posted in: News

Mounting evidence shows that transmission of the Covid-19 virus often comes as a result of the unintended spreading caused by asymptomatic sufferers ... Continue reading ⟶

Automatic in-flight testing could get the world travelling safely

Posted: 12 June 2021
Posted in: Our Tech

The Roboscientific Covid-19 Air Monitor has the potential to get the world travelling safely.  By installing one of our monitors in the cabin of a pa... Continue reading ⟶

Automatic Non-Invasive Covid-19 Monitoring In Classrooms in 2021

Posted: 18 December 2020
Posted in:

Expensive individual complicated testing for Covid-19 should soon become a thing of the past. Cambridgeshire company, Roboscientific  has announced t... Continue reading ⟶

Financial Times covers Roboscientific Technology

Posted: 26 November 2020
Posted in: News

Covered in an article in the Financial Times, 19th November, 2020 - how we can help farmers reduce losses in stored crops of potatoes and onions Tech... Continue reading ⟶

Early Detection of Campylobacter in Broiler Chickens

Posted: 30 January 2020
Posted in: Case Studies

Roboscientific first started to work on detecting diseases in chickens following the outbreaks of campylobacter in supermarket chickens.  we decided ... Continue reading ⟶

The UV Robot Project

Posted: 29 January 2020
Posted in: Case Studies

Roboscientific is trialling its technology in a project to robotically check growing salad crops, herbs and strawberries for mildew.  Roboscientific ... Continue reading ⟶

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